Crabby World Cup

Hi everyone! I hope you had an AMAZING weekend watching The Big Game and I hope your team won 😉 If not… didn’t we have beautiful weather outside?! I’m not much of a soccer game-watcher but it’s always invigorating to watch friends and family cheer for their favourite team and the people who “pretend” to[…]

Creature Report!

What I love most about creating sugar art is that I am always in the loop of what’s HOT. And by “hot”, I mean what all the cool kids (5 and under) are watching and are absolutely OBSESSED with. From having their blankets and plush toys in Minions/Frozen/Angry Birds/Spiderman characters to toothbrushes, lunchboxes and yes,[…]


Maxwell’s first birthday was celebrated with all his awesome friends. I always wanted to do a Mr Men cake and I finally got to do it! YAY! I got to cross it off my ‘cake design bucket list’ (oh yes, it exists!). I just love the colours and the goofy expressions on all of their[…]


Hello! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs I saw Frozen a few weeks ago and completely fell in love with Olaf. There is something about this humourous little snowman that makes me giggle! I was watching it in 3D on a rare Friday night off from cakes and I just wanted to rush home[…]

Golfing Lessons

En route from Ottawa to Toronto, we found an aquatic golfing range and decided to spend some time there. It was my first time golfing in a LONG time and I was horrible. It was not like learning to ride a bike where your magical skills somehow kick in even after years of not utilizing[…]