Wedding Cupcake Display

When you see a single cupcake, it may awaken feelings of excitement but when you see an actual cupcake display… … wow!! I am so in love with this cupcake display at Daniel and Mandy’s wedding from August. They’re two of my closest friends and I am so honoured they invited me to celebrate their[…]

My Dream Cake

It was Sophia’s candy + cupcake-themed birthday a few weekends ago and her mom wanted me to go ALL OUT on her cake. She said, “the more detail, the better”… “lots of sparkle” and “lots of pink”. This has JENN written ALL over it! So of course I let my imagination run wild and came[…]


HA! Not me. But the wonderful boyfriend who surprised his girlfriend (soon-to-be fiancee) with these cutesy under the sea themed cupcakes. I think I’m getting better at these sea creatures. I’ve lost count on how many times people have ordered this… at LEAST 5? Angry Birds and these fishies are tied for #1 for MOST[…]

My Very First CARS Cake

It’s been a long time coming but I got to make a CARS cake this past weekend. This seems like a very obsessive craze amongst the 2 to 5-year-old age range (for boys) and I should know that because Zach and Aiden love them which makes US fall victim of everything CARS-related when we go[…]