Disney Font

Hand-painting Disney fonts on my cakes make it look more authentic, I find. It’s so therapeutic to break away from typical alphabet cutters and create something new :)


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This was a professional shot of a cake I did back in September. The rose petals just “MAKES” the photo what it is! Love, love it! I can’t wait to print and frame it. Pink and brown are still my colours. That will never, ever get old! ;)



Maxwell’s first birthday was celebrated with all his awesome friends. I always wanted to do a Mr Men cake and I finally got to do it! YAY! I got to cross it off my ‘cake design bucket list’ (oh yes, it exists!). I just love the colours and the goofy expressions on all of their faces. Imagine we could invite real-life version of these guys? That would be one rockin’ party! ;)

I think there’s something going on with Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine and on top of that, Mr Birthday and Little Miss Giggles. They’re the same race, after all! :D Poor Mr Tickle is the 5th wheel.


Gianna’s 3rd Birthday Cake!

love everything about this cake from the colours to the seashells to how the mermaid is suppose to look like the brown-eyed little beauty! I miss it already. I might make a similar one for myself 

Happy Friday, everyone! xo