Wedding Cupcake Display

When you see a single cupcake, it may awaken feelings of excitement but when you see an actual cupcake display… … wow!! I am so in love with this cupcake display at Daniel and Mandy’s wedding from August. They’re two of my closest friends and I am so honoured they invited me to celebrate their[…]

Wedding Season

Wedding season is in FULL FORCE! I love weddings but not the STRESS and PRESSURE of delivering wedding cakes/cupcakes. If I were to compile a list of the top 5 most stressful tasks in my life — wedding delivery is on there. Luckily I’ve learned from past mistakes and with careful planning and lots and[…]

Seashell Wedding Cake

Happy Monday, everyone! Am I the only one excited for Mondays? (I will take the deadly silence and sound of crickets chirping as a yes) 😉 I had a busy few days putting together a wedding cake for my friends’ wedding last night and I had the privilege of attending it as a guest as[…]