Two by Two

I’m probably going to be beaten up for saying that, or at least get a lot of dirty looks but I will say it again and again… I love Mondays! All my orders are on Thursday-Sunday so Monday is MY “Friday”. On Sunday night while everyone’s moaning and groaning about having to go back to[…]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I never knew I could experience such a strong emotional attachment to a cake until this weekend when I couldn’t bear to part with my newest creation. I wanted to keep it for myself… not to eat, but to put on display and admire and perhaps take shameless, off-centred, self-portraits with it and use it[…]

Special Occasions

Special occasions are GREAT and I’m so thankful that people invite me to be a part of their special day that they will remember forever. Like Vara’s birthday celebration. Remember the DS cake I made a while back? She ordered it for her son’s birthday. And when I was on vacation, she celebrated her own[…]