Happy Monday!

My FAVOURITE day This was a pic I snapped over the weekend. This little fellow was on the top tier of a cake I made for a baby shower that came with matching cupcakes. The theme was “chicks + nests”… you can see them as a BLUR in the backdrop.

Warm Fuzzies

Remember the Kai Lan/Thomas cake a few weeks ago? I had encrypted a secret message at the back–a direct quote from the show itself. If you’ve never heard of Ni Hao Kai Lan, check it out: Okay, so I messed up the quote a LITTLE… it’s suppose to be “You make my heart FEEL super[…]

Hello Princess!

My first “go” at a fondant tiara was super successful! I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out and from start to finish, it took 30 minutes! My brother ordered this for his boss’ farewell party on Friday. Everyone calls her “princess” because she gets what she wants at work (so he tells me).[…]

Emile + I

Disney’s RATATOUILLE is my all-time favourite movie and that should come as no surprise. One quote that the French chef keeps repeating in the movie is, “ANYONE CAN COOK” and I truly believe that. Just as anyone can cook, anyone can bake as well. (but that doesn’t mean everyone SHOULD cook/bake 😉 ) One of[…]

Noah’s Ark Cake

This cake was extremely fun to make (as I’m sure you can tell). I was a bit nervous about putting a cake with so much detail together but everything worked out. Aiden loved it 😀 The animals were way too cute with their bright colours and beady eyes. Like these tigers! And hippos! These were[…]