Hello, Cupcake! :)

I’ve gone cupcake-crazy this past week with more than 1,000 leaving the kitchen of different sizes, colours, flavours and designs! Last weekend was The Centre for Dreams’ Borealis gala… Penguins with earmuffs… does it get any cuter than this?! 😛 Unionville Spa’s 1st Year Anniversary event… And Ambassadors For Christ’s (AFC) 40th anniversary celebration… This[…]

Chocolate Chipster Brownies

What’s better than chocolate chip cookies and brownies? How about a cutesy little two-bite treat with BOTH of them in it? Yah… let’s do that! 😀 Our team has meetings every Thursday night and I always like to bring something sweet when I go over to peoples’ houses. My mom taught us to be kind[…]