Wedding Cupcake Display

When you see a single cupcake, it may awaken feelings of excitement but when you see an actual cupcake display… … wow!! I am so in love with this cupcake display at Daniel and Mandy’s wedding from August. They’re two of my closest friends and I am so honoured they invited me to celebrate their[…]

My Dream Cake

It was Sophia’s candy + cupcake-themed birthday a few weekends ago and her mom wanted me to go ALL OUT on her cake. She said, “the more detail, the better”… “lots of sparkle” and “lots of pink”. This has JENN written ALL over it! So of course I let my imagination run wild and came[…]

Sunshine + Lemonade

Made these for Adelaide’s first birthday today. Sunshine + lemonade theme! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?! Pink and yellow just go together. And sparkles too. The cupcakes were fluffy vanillas with lemonade buttercream. One taste of it and I was in love! It’s funny because I don’t like the taste of lemons at all[…]

Maple Bacon Cupcakes are BACK

Maple Bacon Cupcakes were a HUGE hit at the bake sale back in June. Hundreds and hundreds of them were made and consumed in record time 😛 If I had made these when Sweet Escapes was first established, I’d be rich, retired and living in my cupcake-shaped mansion already. But it’s okay, I’m pretty happy[…]

Wedding Season

Wedding season is in FULL FORCE! I love weddings but not the STRESS and PRESSURE of delivering wedding cakes/cupcakes. If I were to compile a list of the top 5 most stressful tasks in my life — wedding delivery is on there. Luckily I’ve learned from past mistakes and with careful planning and lots and[…]


Hi Everyone! It’s been super busy here lately because Sweet Escapes is having a BAKE SALE this SATURDAY!!! We’re introducing ALL NEW FLAVOURS and bringing back some classic favourites. I’m super, super super BEYOND excited because this is the first-ever bake sale and it will definitely not be the last one! 😉 All the proceeds[…]