Hello! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs I saw Frozen a few weeks ago and completely fell in love with Olaf. There is something about this humourous little snowman that makes me giggle! I was watching it in 3D on a rare Friday night off from cakes and I just wanted to rush home[…]

Hello, Cupcake! :)

I’ve gone cupcake-crazy this past week with more than 1,000 leaving the kitchen of different sizes, colours, flavours and designs! Last weekend was The Centre for Dreams’ Borealis gala… Penguins with earmuffs… does it get any cuter than this?! 😛 Unionville Spa’s 1st Year Anniversary event… And Ambassadors For Christ’s (AFC) 40th anniversary celebration… This[…]

I *heart* Angry Birds

I’m thinking about making ANGRY BIRDS my official mascot. I know I mentioned it before but now I’m serious! I’ve gotten so many inquiries for them and I LOVE IT because it motivates me to come up with new ideas/designs and not the same ol’ pig-steals-eggs, birds-get-mad, birds-destroy-pigs, pigs-eat-scrambled-eggs storyline. At first I was so[…]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I never knew I could experience such a strong emotional attachment to a cake until this weekend when I couldn’t bear to part with my newest creation. I wanted to keep it for myself… not to eat, but to put on display and admire and perhaps take shameless, off-centred, self-portraits with it and use it[…]