I haven’t had minion-it is in a while. It has been take over by FROZEN FEVER! Seriously, for a while, every cake inquiry that I got was about ANGRY BIRDS, then it was MINIONS and now, FROZEN :) So when I dug up this photo from a while ago, I was super excited. I haven’t seen these little yellow guys in a while :)

I made this for Keshav’s birthday a few months ago and I just LOVE the simplicity of the cake. This is a classic example of “less” being “more”. A cake doesn’t need 5000+ little details to look good. As long as all the elements are there, the birthday boy/girl’s name is squarely in place, plus the correct age, maybe a cheeky smile and a party hat and… DONE! :) I hope this guy makes you smile! 😀

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