Cherry Blossom Wedding

Last weekend I got to celebrate my good friend getting married with… CAKE! This was a special one because not only have we been friends since grade 9, but she helped me make my first decorated cake for my 18th birthday. She used to work at Mrs Field’s cookies and had to learn how to pipe icing on gigantic birthday cookies so she had that skill mastered. I, on the other hand, just loved to look at pretty cakes :)

We made the most gorgeous cake ever! It was a white cake covered in whipped cream with piped pink borders and silver pearls. For two inexperienced 18-year-olds, it was pretty dang good! :) So this weekend was a very special occasion because not only was she getting married, we also got to reunite with a lot of our high school friends from way back in the day and meeting new friends as well!

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