Crabby World Cup

Hi everyone! I hope you had an AMAZING weekend watching The Big Game and I hope your team won 😉 If not… didn’t we have beautiful weather outside?! :) I’m not much of a soccer game-watcher but it’s always invigorating to watch friends and family cheer for their favourite team and the people who “pretend” to watch it… ahem! You KNOW who you are! 😉

It was a friend’s birthday last weekend and he wanted to watch the finals with a few of his friends at Dave & Buster’s and celebrate THEIR July birthdays as well. So we came up with this theme Mr Crab, aka Sebastian (the horoscope sign for Cancer) and the flags of the two teams on the cake. How adorable is he?! He wasn’t sure which team to cheer for so he got one of each hat. You know, just for safekeeping! Let’s just say, when the game was over, he THREW the Argetinian hat in the air and said, “Germany’s my team. Because their flag has my favourite colour — RED!!!” 😉

Apparently, everyone at the bar (strangers included) wanted to take a photo with the cake. I thought that was hilarious! Sebastian was the most popular guy last night. Who knew a simple cake would spark so much interest and excitement! And cakes make the birthday recipient quite popular as well!

Have a great week, everyone! ‘Till next time! 😉

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