Creature Report!

What I love most about creating sugar art is that I am always in the loop of what’s HOT. And by “hot”, I mean what all the cool kids (5 and under) are watching and are absolutely OBSESSED with. From having their blankets and plush toys in Minions/Frozen/Angry Birds/Spiderman characters to toothbrushes, lunchboxes and yes, even underwear in the same design… I am always in the LOOP.

One time in the parking lot at Walmart, Zachary (then 4) asked me if I could check which underwear he was wearing that day… Toy Story 1, 2 or 3. Kids don’t joke. So I said, “Bend over” and I quickly fulfilled my auntie duties and said, “Toy Story 1″. Yes, this was in the middle of the parking lot! Being an aunt is quite glamorous at times! 😉

So this is probably not news to you but OCTONAUTS are quite “in” right now. Maxwell celebrated his birthday with an Octonauts cake and matching cupcakes last weekend.

‘Till next time! :)

Sorry for saying “underwear” so many times on a cake blog! 😛

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