My Dream Cake

It was Sophia’s candy + cupcake-themed birthday a few weekends ago and her mom wanted me to go ALL OUT on her cake. She said, “the more detail, the better”… “lots of sparkle” and “lots of pink”. This has JENN written ALL over it! So of course I let my imagination run wild and came up with this design. I had so much fun making every little detail and matching it to the vision I had in my head. I’m so relieved to say that the result turned out better than what I had imagined. Seeing her mom’s reaction was priceless :)

I have a new found obsession for painting white details on coloured fondant. Doesn’t this tiny spotted design just “MAKE” the bow?! I thought so too 😉 And you know, I’ve always been obsessed with bows!! 😛

I love the gigantic cupcake at the very top of the cake with the shiny red cherry. I think every cake should have some sort of cupcake on it! :) Sophia’s older brother, Hayden has had a few cakes from Sweet Escapes including a Cars one and the superhero one. Her mom got a make-up cake from me for her own birthday too. Luckily for me, birthdays are every year! 😉

Sophia’s mom wanted her to be on it wearing her birthday outfit which was a pink tutu. She sent me a photo of her and she was SO ADORABLE!! :) It’s so fun to have a daughter. I can’t wait for my turn (err, one day! :P). I am also connected with her mom on Instagram and saw that Sophia’s giant teddy bear was wearing a pink tutu and had a headband with flower blossoms on it so I surprised her and put it on the cake as well. I love the little personalized touches on cakes because it makes the cake YOURS. Otherwise, you can just get a generic cake from any grocery store, right? All the colours (light blue, green, pink, purple, yellow) were all colours from her party decorations. Everything has to match in my world! 😉

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