Hi Everyone!
It’s been super busy here lately because Sweet Escapes is having a BAKE SALE this SATURDAY!!! We’re introducing ALL NEW FLAVOURS and bringing back some classic favourites. I’m super, super super BEYOND excited because this is the first-ever bake sale and it will definitely not be the last one! 😉

All the proceeds will be going to AFC (Ambassadors for Christ’s) missions team going to Prince Edward Island at the end of June. The team consists of passionate, young adults who are so on fire for God and restoring His kingdom here on earth. They will be holding a gospel camp for middle schoolers who are immigrants. It is going to an amazing cause and I’m so fortunate to be a part of this process.

One of the bestsellers this year is the MAPLE BACON CUPCAKES! These are so hot right now I’m thinking about taking out all the other flavours because this bacon one is KICKING THEIR BUTTS!!! I made these this week and they were so good I had 4 that night. AND I’M PROUD OF THAT!! Moist vanilla cupcakes are studded with smoked bacon topped with silky maple buttercream finished with crispy maple bacon. Oh my gosh! I think I will make some tonight 😛 These guys have gone VIRAL and my pictures are being posted everywhere and everyone wants to get in on it… which is AWESOME! It’s almost cult-like in a way. Who knew I could start something like this! 😉 If I had thought to make these THREE years ago, I’d be retired and enjoying my bacon-smelling money already. Sigh… it’s okay though, it’s never too late to chase a dream!

Pre-orders are strongly recommended to ensure you get the baked good that you want. Feel free to e-mail me at with the subject line: I WANT MY BACON!! All orders are to be picked up at 70 Gibson Drive, Unit 12 which is at Warden/Steeles behind the T&T plaza. You can’t miss it. There’s going to be a huge carnival even that day.

I’m so so so excited. Now… back to bacon cupcakes! 😉 Hope to see you all there!

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