Send Me Some SUGAR!

There’s nothing I love more than receiving a hand-written note/card “just because”. I have kept every note in a special box on my shelf and on those days that I’m feeling down and “not myself”, I would read those notes and my heart would be filled up again. From my parents writing me notes that say, “Will be home late — cook dinner for us?” to one of my Sunday school kids thanking me for the “healthy snacks” (which is a total lie… I’m starting to wonder if that was suppose to be a sarcastic remark… ?!), these are the moments I cherish the most. My mantra is that these moments may seem small and insignificant now but in the future when I’m married, living in Hong Kong with my super buff husband** and well-behaved 4 children, I will read those notes of memories past and be reminded of my blessed life. These little moments will one day grow to be big moments.

This was one of the shots from yesterday’s quickie photo shoot for my new website. This will be going on the “contact me” page. I really shouldn’t be telling you this. I wanted to keep all the details under wraps until the big launch in the summer but I JUST CAN’T HOLD IT IN!! I MUST BLOG ABOUT IT AND SHOW YOU ALL MY SECRETS. Horrible. I will not make a good spy. UNLESS this whole charade is just to disguise something else… ? Hmm. Okay, I’m not THAT good 😛

I cannot wait to reveal the rest of the site! It is slowly coming together :) But until then… enjoy this pic!

**PS. I was just joking about the super-buff-husband part. I don’t like buff guys. Weird, huh?

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