Just to See That Smile

It’s 1:36am on Sunday morning and my sponge cakes just came out of the oven and are cooling upside down now. Every Sunday evening a bunch of us meet at my friend’s house to watch The Bible Series on the History Channel (party animals, huh? :)). Is anyone following that series? I’m loving it so far! Last Sunday I attended a business seminar so I didn’t have time to bake anything. I ended up going to T&T to buy a loaf of thick slice bread and a can of condensed milk. I made a traditional Hong Kong-style favourite — condensed milk on toast. Before you gag or think “YUM!”, you have to try it first! It is absolutely DELICIOUS! We also had a jar of Nutella. Mmm!!! And had popsicles. We’re a weird bunch :)

Now that I had a little time to bake, I made sponge cakes for tonight. I cannot wait to have the first slice all warm and soft and sunshine yellow. Wish you were here! 😀 I’m also preparing for a photo shoot for my new site. I had to ice, examine it from afar with my squinty eyes, scrape off the icing and re-ice until it was perfect. Let’s just say, I had to re-ice many, many times! So looking forward to the shoot!! :)

Until I post the pictures up (hopefully Monday), enjoy this sweet snapshot of Anson and Naomi’s birthday party last week at a bowling place. Making cakes is not ALWAYS fun/enjoyable. It is 99% of the time but sometimes that 1% sneaks up on you and you want to quit. Or no matter how late you stay up, that ‘character’ you’re working on just doesn’t seem to look right. Little moments like these kids’ sweet smiles remind me why I still love to do what I do. Naomi loves Hello Kitty and Anson loves basketball and somehow those themes worked together :) I’m so blessed to have been a part of their birthday celebration!

Happy #6, you two! 😉

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