March FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH Cupcake Promo

I’ve been meaning to do a FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH promo for the longest time and I’m so glad I got to start it (yes, I know in March! :P). I’m so excited for these monthly promotions because it will be a debut of the newest flavours added to the menu before the new site launches this summer. Eeeee!!! So many good things are happening in 2013! :)

A dozen mini tiramisu cupcakes are available next week for $10 which includes a chance to win an EXTRA dozen cupcakes this month and a chance to win April’s FOTM cupcake which is dark chocolate cupcake with strawberry cheesecake buttercream. Just typing that out made me drool (mentally!).

They’re available for pick-up in Markham on Wednesday March 27th and Thursday March 28th only. Winners will be announced on Facebook on Tuesday. Just in time for the long weekend! How exciting :) This would be the perfect time to share it with family and friends or you know, keep it all to yourself. I won’t tell anyone! 😉

Place your orders at or Sweet Escapes’ FACEBOOK PAGE in a private message. Chat with you soon! 😀

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