My Valentine’s Day

A good friend of mine and I went to the Centre for Dreams on the 14th for their Valentine’s dance and quite honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. Last time I baked cupcakes and went with my friend Louis the week of Christmas, he was a gentleman and carried the boxes from my car inside. All the members thought he was so cool because he “made” (ahem) the cupcakes and because he also came back from Afghanistan not too long ago. A real-life, Canadian hero… who apparently has a knack for baking too! :) I was fine with him taking credit for the cupcakes before the members started making Christmas cards for him, thanking him for “all that he had done for our country” and the “delicious treats”. I wanted a Christmas card too!

So last week just when we got to the centre, I told my friend about The Louis Story and how everyone thought he made the cupcakes because he brought it in to which he responded “Let me carry it in!” Sigh. Boys will be boys! :)

I got to hang out with the members for a bit and two of the guys came over, gave me a hug, kissed my hand and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. It was so sweet! I just love, love spending time with them. It truly warms my heart :) Everyone wore RED that day so I wore it as well to fit in. I had a quick photo shoot in the morning with a few of my latest creations – one of them being my newest favourite cake (pictured in previous post). I always wanted to do an OMBRE cake and I’m glad I finally got a chance to do so! Can you tell I love pinks/reds?

Valentine’s to me is just another day. I make it a habit to show my loved ones every day how much I love them and how much I care. I just love little gestures because they’re so full of thought! Some days when I know my brother will have a long day at work, I would buy his favourite chocolate/snacks and leave it on the dashboard in his car along with a little note. And every night before I sleep, I prep all of my parents’ vitamins for the next day. These will be the things I’ll miss the most when I move out! :) I don’t need “just ONE DAY” to show my loved ones what they mean to me and quite honestly, splurging on Valentine’s gifts is overrated. Chocolate will make you fat and flowers die… um… happy love day, honey? :) (I sound so cynical! Ha ha… ). On the 14th after our visit to DREAMS, my friend and I went to Costco where he bought ingredients to prepare for his romantic dinner with his girlfriend. We had HOT DOGS and coke (for him, diet for me) at the food court AND he bought my mom a whole rotisserie chicken. His exact words were, “Tell her I said Happy Valentine’s Day!” to which I responded, “What happened to flowers and chocolate?! This is so un-romantic!” him: “Flowers and chocolate are so overrated! This chicken is PRACTICAL and it can feed your whole family tonight”… he’s so eloquent with words. You know this gift was probably one of the best gifts ever. Don’t get me wrong–I’ve been given tons of lavish gifts in the past but there’s only so much jewelry, fancy dinners, flowers and plush toys a girl can accept before it gets old! Clearly, I find joy in the small things 😀

And you know, nothing quite says “Happy Valentine’s, homegirl!” like air-chilled, grass-fed, 100% certified organic poultry! 😀

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