Push, Push, Push

I’m loving this “blog everyday” momentum that I’ve been on lately. It has certainly been an outlet for me to release my thoughts, creativity and sometimes nerdiness (feel free to disagree on the last one here ;)) and I am loving the fact that I get to connect with you guys on a daily basis. 2013 has been good to me so far :)

You’re probably wondering why this blog post is titled PUSH, PUSH, PUSH. This year I told myself that I would PUSH myself to my limits and see what I’m made of. I asked God to take me out of my comfort zone and build me up by sticking me in the most difficult circumstances and mold me into who He wants me to be. I want to see if I’ll be strong enough to survive! I want to dig deep, love wholeheartedly and be transformed. I don’t want to settle for mediocre or “good enough”. I want to PUSH, I want to press on and I want to come out a WINNER! :)

This included pushing my skills as a cake artist.

A few months ago, my good friend Atkinns told me that him and his wife were expecting their first child. I was SO happy and filled with excitement for my dear friends. After, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” I said, “Can I do your baby announcement cake???”. They say, nothing is official until it’s announced on Facebook and I wanted to help them announce it through CAKE. Have you seen this before? I should get it patented. “Baby Announcement Cake”.. oh my, I’m going to be rich one day!! 😀 (don’t steal my idea!)

After much deliberation and brainstorming, I couldn’t think of a unique and SPECIAL design for their cake. Luckily, they weren’t going to announce it until now so I had plenty of time to think. I was going to do a simple cake with baby toys on it, but that’s been done SO many times! I wanted something different. One fateful night/morning at around 4am, I woke up and exclaimed, “EUREKA! A STORK cake!”. I was so excited I couldn’t go back to sleep (something that occurs frequently). I counted down the minutes ’till sunrise so I could start making it. Sigh. I should get this problem fixed.

I wanted the stork to carry a baby in its pouch but had to make sure it wasn’t heavy enough to weigh the beak/neck down when I brought it to them. I could SO imagine my showing up at their door with the cake in 3 pieces — pouch, beak/head/neck and body. Um… nothing quite says, “congratulations on your new bundle of joy” like one of God’s beautiful creatures broken up in 3 parts! Luckily, it made it. Phew!! :)

The three of us went to PF Chang’s for dinner–a place we wanted to try for the longest time. Atkinns and I had the ahi tuna salad and it was just DELISH!! I also got the chicken soup which came in a gigantic bowl that was bigger than my head. “6 cups” said the server to my utter shock. I had one bowl and Atkinns had one and I brought the rest home to my grateful family :) I gave them the cake after we ordered our food and they LOVED it! The surprised expressions on their face reminded me why I love doing what I do. Cakes make people happy. Fat too but happy more, hopefully :) I actually had to cut off ALL communication with the both of them this week because I wanted to show/tell them about their cake SO badly and I knew that if we chatted, I would’ve let it slip. It was rough but thank God I made it! 😉 I hate keeping secrets.

I’m so excited for upcoming cake designs! I really love this stork cake and it was hard to let it go. When they said they were going to eat it that night, my heart let out a little gasp. Luckily I didn’t see them eat it! I have parting issues with my cakes. I should get this looked at too!

Right now, I am finishing up a few promotional winter flyers for Unionville Spa and listening to Jayesslee’s cover of “Safe and Sound”. My brother wants to do a duet and put it on YouTube. Him on guitar, me on vocals. I asked why he couldn’t do it himself and he said that this song is more of a “big sister sings to little brother” type to which I responded, “When did I EVER sing to you… EVER?? And when did we ever do duets… EVER??” Jokes. He found my response humourous and um, I think he actually wants to go through with this!

On a related to note to “pushing myself”… I ran 7.8 miles tonight with an additional focus on upper body training. I’m working towards KILLER ARMS like Cara from The Biggest Loser. She’s my motivation 😉 Around 5m, I wanted to die. I was red, panting and sweaty and gross. My goal was 10 but gave up at the 7.8 mark. I’m such a quitter!! My body is fine right now but will surely hate me tomorrow! I will hit my 10 tomorrow for sure! This coming from a girl who couldn’t even run 1 mile without stopping many times. How times have changed!! 😀

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