My Very First CARS Cake

It’s been a long time coming but I got to make a CARS cake this past weekend. This seems like a very obsessive craze amongst the 2 to 5-year-old age range (for boys) and I should know that because Zach and Aiden love them which makes US fall victim of everything CARS-related when we go to Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, the Disney Store and anywhere they sell McQueen/Mater toys/clothes/dishes/cups/towels/underwear. Actually, Aiden is still in the ELMO phase and based on Zach’s timeline, Aiden should be fully converted in about 6 months or so.

See how all the checkerboard squares fit EXACTLY on the cake board? That just drove me nuts with excitement. I’m such a nerd and I fully embrace it and I just love it when things work out… like 1.5″ squares x 8 = 12″ cake board. HAPPY ME!

I was a little intimidated to sculpt McQueen + Mater because every detail had to be just right or they will look like their messed-up, less-than-famous, drugged-up twin brother and we wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we? The pressure’s on! :) I took my sweet time to do McQueen, making sure every little indent in his metal body reflected his true self. I had multiple tabs opened on my browser with his photos from different angles… everything had to be perfect! I was quite happy with how he turned out. Not 100% though, unfortunately as I’m not happy with how one part came out and I can’t stop thinking/looking at it. I’m not going to tell you which part it is because then YOU’LL be fixated on it 😛

Taking the confidence I acquired from sculpting McQueen, I then went on to Mater. I loovoveoveove how he turned out! He’s so darn cute for a tow truck! It took me an hour to put all the details on and from his cute little button nose to the side mirrors as ears, I love everything about this guy. I especially love his crooked teeth–they’re so endearing! I just want to give him a hug, but I know I can’t. And probably shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll give him a mental hug! My brother has been giving out mental hugs as Christmas presents ever since I could remember… at least that’s better than nothing! *HUG!* 😀

I also custom designed tags for his cupcake/cookie favour giveaways. I love matchy matchy stuff. All the cupcakes were dairy-free chocolate cake with vanilla frosting topped with a flag with a #2 in it and a wheel with a #2 in it. Oh! And it was covered in glitter as well… Jenn style! :)

I’m quite happy with my first attempt at this beloved childrens’ movie. I have a few more of these lined up so stay tuned! More characters coming your way :)
Happy Monday! 😉

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