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Pink + Black Wedding

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Happy Monday, everyone! :) Yesterday’s cupcake delivery to Toronto Hunt Club was super succesful. I iced all my cupcakes on-site and although I thought it’d be easy, it took a lot longer than I had anticipated. I thought it would take me 30-45 minutes (you know, cause I’m superpastrygirl ;) ) but it actually took closer to 2 hours! Wowwwwie! I’m a perfectionist so everything had to be perrrrfect.

Let me tell you a little bit about my experience! My stomach was in knots and my heart was RACING all the way there. My first worry was the giant cupcake topper. I told myself that I’d ice it at the club but I got carried away and iced it at home. Have you ever tried to deliver a top-heavy 5-layer cupcake cake that weighed close to 6 lbs and iced with perfectly swirled buttercream that is prone to melting? (your response: “no”). I THOUGHT SO! It wasn’t fun transporting it. Every sudden “STOP” at a light, every turn… the cake would shift in the box (on my lap) and my heart would drop a little. It was one rollercoaster ride there, I can tell ya that! ;) But nevertheless, it made it in one piece. I brought two piping bags of extra buttercream, just in case. As a pastrychef, you have to have an eye for detail, be prepared for ANY situation (toppled cake, melted buttercream) AND you have to be a bunch of crazies. Luckily, I am all those things :)

As I got to the club, I got a beautiful glimpse of where the ceremony was set up. Perfectly lined white chairs with a beautiful white arch in an open space outside with the picturesque lake and clear blue sky as the backdrop. Today was the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. I was always against outdoor weddings… I mean, don’t you have enough to worry about on your big day let alone worry about the weather? But now, I might re-consider!

The set-up went smoothly but took a while. The cake table was positioned in front of a big window with plenty of sunshine streaming in and I had a beautiful view of the lake as I iced the cupcakes :) I had bagged all my icing (approximately 10lbs) with piping tips so I didn’t have to refill the bags and that saved a lot of time. The bride also requested sparkly glitter on each cupcake in ROSIE and SOUR APPLE. The cupcakes were: chocolate cupcake/strawberry buttercream, red velvet cupcake/strawberry buttercream and chocolate cupcake/key lime buttercream. The cupcake topper was 5 layers of red velvet with strawberry buttercream and finished with Princess Pink vanilla frosting. The bride requested a black + pink bow (either with polka dots, stripes or some sort of geometric design) but I couldn’t find it so I bought black wired organza and a super glittery pink ribbon to overlap and accent the bow. She loved it! :D Who doesn’t love glitter!???

Afterwards, I went out to TREAT myself for another successful wedding delivery. I had a red bean freeze in which Aiden {almost 2} drank half of it and when I told him it was MY “special” drink, he wanted it even more. He finished all the milk part and left me with the beans. Now that’s love! :)

Justin’s Angry Birds Cake

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

I’ve lost count of the number of Angry Birds orders I’ve done. I was so excited to do Justin’s cake today because I got to use my new GROOVY font! The smallest things in life bring me happiness :) MOVE OVER, curly font… a new sheriff’s in town!

Justin’s mom ordered the cake from me. We’ve been friends since grade 6! Or maybe even younger… not sure. Her brother is the same age as my brother and they’re friends as well (and had their elementary school reunion a few weeks ago). I LOVE re-connecting with old friends and making designer cakes has DEFINITELY given me plenty of opportunities to do so. I’ve met up with countless friends because they’ve ordered cakes from me or want advice on starting up a business (non-cupcake related, of course ;) ). There is something so wonderful about reuniting with old friends and starting conversations with, “Remember when… ”

Can’t wait to see who I’ll meet up with nexttttt :) Toodle-loo!

Tiramisu Goodness

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

I made this for a dinner party this past weekend and it was a big hit. The secret? Layers of vanilla cake soaked in Kahlua espresso syrup with a creamy mascarpone chantilly filling. YUMS! The top is garnished with a 70% dark Peruvian chocolate-covered almonds. Chocolate? Coffee? Alcohol? What more could you ask for? ;)

I rarely get to cut into my own cake and when I do, it’s so exciting to see the different layers. I was somewhat disappointed this time around because the whole cake is ONE TONE. ONE COLOUR. Next time, I will include a layer of chocolate ganache or crush some almonds in between for a delicious crunch.

In the meantime, I have to get back to my wedding cupcakes for tomorrow. It’s at the Toronto Hunt Club! How exciting :) Have a great weekend!


Friday, September 9th, 2011

This font reminds me of That 70s Show!
Busy weekend ahead… but I love it!
Happy Friday, everyone! :)

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Remember Joe Louis? Those delicious mini chocolate cake rounds with the creamiest filling? I was inspired by them when I made my double chocolate cupcakes. I’m really into filled cupcakes lately like when I made my strawberry custard cupcakes last week. I love that extra element of taste and texture in the cupcake that takes my tastebuds on a little vacation and I love coming up with new flavours that complement the cupcake and buttercream flavours. My mind is racing with possibilities! A lot of new flavours will be popping up around here soon :)

I’ve been doing a lot of recipe-testing lately and I created the most delicious, chocolatey-ist, moist-est cupcake EVER! One thing you have to know is that I LOVE dark chocolate and this recipe yields a double dark chocolate that will make your tastebuds think it was their birthday (okay… a little weird concept but you get my point!). I couldn’t stop “taste-testing” them which effectively cancels out all the hours of cardio I’ve been doing recently. It was kind of worth it… but don’t tell my treadmill that! ;)

Its fine crumb and moist texture survived the 3-day test. WHAT is the 3-day test?! I like to keep my cupcakes for at least 3 days in an airtight container to see how long it will stay fresh. I made these on Sunday night and as of this afternoon, the cupcakes were as fresh as when I pulled them out of the oven. Crazzzzy.

Anyways, these cupcakes are here to STAY. I usually have to make a recipe 2-3 times before I decide if it’s a keeper but this baby won my heart.

Cake Stands, I heart.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

I’ve had this infatuation with cake stands for the longest time. It is so elegant and gives cakes an added majestic look, standing tall and proud. I LOVE THEM but they’re so expensive that I don’t even dare look at them, until now. There’s actually many different styles out there ranging from cute and dainty to rustic and bold. Either way, I love them all :)

I made a Tiramisu cake for a dinner party at my place and needed that extra touch of elegance. As I wished for a cake stand out loud, my mom reminded me that I received one as a gift a few years back. She quickly went to the basement to retrieve it and ta-DA–a brand new, white, ceramic cake stand appeared. There might as well been pixie dust flying about and angels singing their chorus because I was so giddy with excitement! I wonder what else I have down there that I don’t know about… ?! Ever wonder that about your basement? ;)

I’ve been searching on for cake stands you know, just to look. I’ve never purchased anything on there before but it’s safe to browse, right?! I found this seller, vesselandwares, who might as well be my new best friend. You want to know why? Click HERE and find out.

Here are a few of my favourite finds:

You can engrave this for your wedding day. But I don’t think this dinky stand will support your entire wedding cake…

You can have your name + birth date engraved on this cutesy cupcake stand.

What’s better than one cake stand? THREE CAKESTANDS! :)

Seriously… how could you not fall in love with these?

It’s September.

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

It’s September (3.27am) and I’m STILL working on this brochure for RMCF (no, not RCMP! :) ) I’m really happy with how the brochure is looking and I hope the client agrees tomorrow! Fingers crossed. Hmm… I have a meeting with the arts + events director before my client meeting. What should I wear? I think I should sleep now. I want Jenn to attend the meeting… not panda eyes.

Before I get my beauty sleep, I must fondant this giant cupcake cake. I think I deserve a latte tomorrow.

Happy September! Wishing you a great beginning to a great month :)