Tiramisu Goodness

I made this for a dinner party this past weekend and it was a big hit. The secret? Layers of vanilla cake soaked in Kahlua espresso syrup with a creamy mascarpone chantilly filling. YUMS! The top is garnished with a 70% dark Peruvian chocolate-covered almonds. Chocolate? Coffee? Alcohol? What more could you ask for? 😉[…]

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

Remember Joe Louis? Those delicious mini chocolate cake rounds with the creamiest filling? I was inspired by them when I made my double chocolate cupcakes. I’m really into filled cupcakes lately like when I made my strawberry custard cupcakes last week. I love that extra element of taste and texture in the cupcake that takes[…]

It’s September.

It’s September (3.27am) and I’m STILL working on this brochure for RMCF (no, not RCMP! :)) I’m really happy with how the brochure is looking and I hope the client agrees tomorrow! Fingers crossed. Hmm… I have a meeting with the arts + events director before my client meeting. What should I wear? I think[…]