Cake Stands, I heart.

I’ve had this infatuation with cake stands for the longest time. It is so elegant and gives cakes an added majestic look, standing tall and proud. I LOVE THEM but they’re so expensive that I don’t even dare look at them, until now. There’s actually many different styles out there ranging from cute and dainty to rustic and bold. Either way, I love them all :)

I made a Tiramisu cake for a dinner party at my place and needed that extra touch of elegance. As I wished for a cake stand out loud, my mom reminded me that I received one as a gift a few years back. She quickly went to the basement to retrieve it and ta-DA–a brand new, white, ceramic cake stand appeared. There might as well been pixie dust flying about and angels singing their chorus because I was so giddy with excitement! I wonder what else I have down there that I don’t know about… ?! Ever wonder that about your basement? 😉

I’ve been searching on for cake stands you know, just to look. I’ve never purchased anything on there before but it’s safe to browse, right?! I found this seller, vesselandwares, who might as well be my new best friend. You want to know why? Click HERE and find out.

Here are a few of my favourite finds:

You can engrave this for your wedding day. But I don’t think this dinky stand will support your entire wedding cake…

You can have your name + birth date engraved on this cutesy cupcake stand.

What’s better than one cake stand? THREE CAKESTANDS! :)

Seriously… how could you not fall in love with these?

One thought on “Cake Stands, I heart.

  • I adore cake stands and have collected quite a few over the years. I use them to create interest and varying heights, especially in a buffet.

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