Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Happy Monday, everyone! TGIM? Maybe not… I’m starting to think that I’m the only one who enjoys Mondays! Why, you ask? Monday is the beginning of the work-week, so full of new opportunities, new cakes, new creations… I just love the promises that Mondays bring. Also, I have COMBAT classes on Monday nights and it is an excellent hour of cardio/punching/kicking/stress-relieving fun! I. cannot. wait! :)

I’ve started a string of new experiments which I like to call “Projects”. On Iron Chef, they have featured ingredients such as “BATTLE FISH”… and the chefs have to make their meals centred around fish. Mine isn’t so much of a “battle” than a “project”… like my first task: PROJECT RHUBARB.

I’ve never used rhubarb in any baked goods before so this was definitely a treat! I’ve heard of strawberry rhubarb pies for the longest time but I’ve never been a fan of pies. Too flaky for me. I decided to search for STRAWBERRY RHUARB CRISP recipes because the thought of crunchy sweet oatmeal streusel combined with the sweet/tartness of strawberry/rhubarb makes my tastebuds excited with glee!

via 17 and Baking

I made this recipe one night and was ecstatic at the thought of tasting it. I was so anxious that I took it out of the oven prematurely because I just couldn’t wait. With one (piping hot) spoonful of this beautiful combination of flavours on my tongue, my tastebuds floated straight to cloud 9. It was heavenly. I altered the recipe a little and cut the sugar down by half because I wanted the natural flavours of the strawberry and rhubarb to come through. And come through, it did! Mmmm!! :)

For the recipe, visit 17 and Baking’s blog here.

Coming up: Project BBQ Pork Buns :)

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