Happy Pink Hearts Day!

To me, Valentine’s day is just another day.
On this “just another day”, the BF got me a dozen “rose” chocolate-covered strawberries (my all-time favourite indulgence!) and an airbrushing machine/compressor for my fondant cakes! That’s right! Future cakes from Sweet Escapes will have an airbrushing option! :)

Like my new hot pink box?

I thought it’d be very fitting for this “just another day” but do I really need an excuse to make red/pink cupcakes with hearts and sparkles and package them in hot pink boxes? 😉

A dozen little bundles of perfection!

This was for a pick-up order tonight from the official photographer of last week’s A Sweets Affair event. The cupcakes were for his girlfriend and he got it customized to say, “I love you, Jenn”. These, however, were not delivered to my door from a fake boyfriend that nobody has ever met before… I wasn’t tootin’ my own horn, I swear!

Hee hee… “tootin'”… what a funny word.

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