I haven’t had minion-it is in a while. It has been take over by FROZEN FEVER! Seriously, for a while, every cake inquiry that I got was about ANGRY BIRDS, then it was MINIONS and now, FROZEN :) So when I dug up this photo from a while ago, I was super excited. I haven’t seen these little yellow guys in a while :)

I made this for Keshav’s birthday a few months ago and I just LOVE the simplicity of the cake. This is a classic example of “less” being “more”. A cake doesn’t need 5000+ little details to look good. As long as all the elements are there, the birthday boy/girl’s name is squarely in place, plus the correct age, maybe a cheeky smile and a party hat and… DONE! :) I hope this guy makes you smile! :D


Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well :) At the beginning of the year, I made a gigantic list of ALL the cakes I wanted to make this year and it is going quite well! One of them included, “A VERY CHINESE CAKE”. Don’t ask me what that meant or how it looked like. I just wanted to make a very Chinese cake! A few weekends ago, my wish came true. I put together this cake for an 80th birthday celebration. I just love the red and gold combination. It included goldfishes, the Chinese character for “longevity”, the a mini sculpted version of the birthday boy, traditional peach buns and a hand-cut, hand-painted damask pattern. By the end of the night, my hands were GOLD!

Enjoy! :)


Last weekend I got to celebrate my good friend getting married with… CAKE! This was a special one because not only have we been friends since grade 9, but she helped me make my first decorated cake for my 18th birthday. She used to work at Mrs Field’s cookies and had to learn how to pipe icing on gigantic birthday cookies so she had that skill mastered. I, on the other hand, just loved to look at pretty cakes :)

We made the most gorgeous cake ever! It was a white cake covered in whipped cream with piped pink borders and silver pearls. For two inexperienced 18-year-olds, it was pretty dang good! :) So this weekend was a very special occasion because not only was she getting married, we also got to reunite with a lot of our high school friends from way back in the day and meeting new friends as well!


Hi everyone! I hope you had an AMAZING weekend watching The Big Game and I hope your team won ;) If not… didn’t we have beautiful weather outside?! :) I’m not much of a soccer game-watcher but it’s always invigorating to watch friends and family cheer for their favourite team and the people who “pretend” to watch it… ahem! You KNOW who you are! ;)

It was a friend’s birthday last weekend and he wanted to watch the finals with a few of his friends at Dave & Buster’s and celebrate THEIR July birthdays as well. So we came up with this theme Mr Crab, aka Sebastian (the horoscope sign for Cancer) and the flags of the two teams on the cake. How adorable is he?! He wasn’t sure which team to cheer for so he got one of each hat. You know, just for safekeeping! Let’s just say, when the game was over, he THREW the Argetinian hat in the air and said, “Germany’s my team. Because their flag has my favourite colour — RED!!!” ;)

Apparently, everyone at the bar (strangers included) wanted to take a photo with the cake. I thought that was hilarious! Sebastian was the most popular guy last night. Who knew a simple cake would spark so much interest and excitement! And cakes make the birthday recipient quite popular as well!

Have a great week, everyone! ‘Till next time! ;)


What I love most about creating sugar art is that I am always in the loop of what’s HOT. And by “hot”, I mean what all the cool kids (5 and under) are watching and are absolutely OBSESSED with. From having their blankets and plush toys in Minions/Frozen/Angry Birds/Spiderman characters to toothbrushes, lunchboxes and yes, even underwear in the same design… I am always in the LOOP.

One time in the parking lot at Walmart, Zachary (then 4) asked me if I could check which underwear he was wearing that day… Toy Story 1, 2 or 3. Kids don’t joke. So I said, “Bend over” and I quickly fulfilled my auntie duties and said, “Toy Story 1″. Yes, this was in the middle of the parking lot! Being an aunt is quite glamorous at times! ;)

So this is probably not news to you but OCTONAUTS are quite “in” right now. Maxwell celebrated his birthday with an Octonauts cake and matching cupcakes last weekend.

‘Till next time! :)

Sorry for saying “underwear” so many times on a cake blog! :P


Yup. MORE Frozen designs! This time, in CUPCAKES!

On another note, HOW ADORABLE is this photo I found online of “Anna” and Olaf? *melt*


Disney never anticipated their latest animated film FROZEN to be such a big hit and neither did I. I’m addicted to the songs, characters, themes and life lessons. I’ve seen it at least 5 times and I can keep watching it without getting sick of it. Okay, maybe one day I’ll be sick of it… but for now, I’m good ;)


These cupcakes were made last weekend for a former colleague of mine when I was still in the corporate world. I love the turtle and whale theme from the d├ęcor and invitations so I made them into cutesy edible form.


For everyone who has ever been addicted to this game… this one’s for you! ;)


Hand-painting Disney fonts on my cakes make it look more authentic, I find. It’s so therapeutic to break away from typical alphabet cutters and create something new :)