These cupcakes were made last weekend for a former colleague of mine when I was still in the corporate world. I love the turtle and whale theme from the d├ęcor and invitations so I made them into cutesy edible form.


For everyone who has ever been addicted to this game… this one’s for you! ;)


Hand-painting Disney fonts on my cakes make it look more authentic, I find. It’s so therapeutic to break away from typical alphabet cutters and create something new :)


My cake from last week.
This girl melts my heart! :)


My sketchbook consists of all the cakes I have been doing for the past few months and I am convinced it will be worth a lot when I am famous one day (ha ha… kidding! :P ). It was the best $3 I’ve ever spent! This was one of my cakes from last week. I think I will stick to my cake decorating career and not be an actual artist judging by these photos… :P


This was a professional shot of a cake I did back in September. The rose petals just “MAKES” the photo what it is! Love, love it! I can’t wait to print and frame it. Pink and brown are still my colours. That will never, ever get old! ;)


Maxwell’s first birthday was celebrated with all his awesome friends. I always wanted to do a Mr Men cake and I finally got to do it! YAY! I got to cross it off my ‘cake design bucket list’ (oh yes, it exists!). I just love the colours and the goofy expressions on all of their faces. Imagine we could invite real-life version of these guys? That would be one rockin’ party! ;)

I think there’s something going on with Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine and on top of that, Mr Birthday and Little Miss Giggles. They’re the same race, after all! :D Poor Mr Tickle is the 5th wheel.


This is one of the most hilarious photos I have ever seen! An actual guinea pig staring at a sugar version of himself in a Yoda costume.
Can’t wait to post the cake photo! :)


When you see a single cupcake, it may awaken feelings of excitement but when you see an actual cupcake display…

… wow!!

I am so in love with this cupcake display at Daniel and Mandy’s wedding from August. They’re two of my closest friends and I am so honoured they invited me to celebrate their special day with them! :D

Spoiler alert: there will be MANY, MANY more of these to come this year! ;)


I paint him shiny.